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Recieved Award for Best Social Worker Organization

ASSI has been achieved as the best social worker award from Social Protection Legal Aid and Humanity Organization. ASSI President Victor John Received award from Comrade. Irome Sharmila

Rescue cum awareness Program.

On 7th September 2017, ASSI staff together with SATHI Sanstha (NGO) organized a rescue drive cum awareness program at Patna Junction Railway Platform.
They formed a team and started marking all those abandoned, run away and destitute children. During this identification, 11 children were found who needed counselling and restoration back to their families.
Our ASSI staff during this rescue drive found a boy by the name Rahul (Name changed) who was standing at the Railway Platform in a lost and desperate condition. ASSI team talked to the child and found that he lives near Patna and was travelling with his mother by train.
He said that while the train was moving the mother was not able to board the train which caused the mother and son separation.
During counselling, Rahul told his mother's phone number over which a call was made and the mother was informed to come to Patna railway police station and collect the child. Hence, the boy was reunited with his mother.
In many cases, children in India traveling by train gets lost due to number of reasons in the bustling crowd of 27 million who travel daily on Indian railway trains, some children who are too young to remember their parents are not able to track back their home and most of the children become victims of the social evils (traffickers) prowling (waiting) for such unattended children at the railway.
It was a lucky day for Rahul and his mother that before the street got hold of him ASSI Patna together with the Police was able to provide timely help. Many of ASSI rescue operation from traffickers/abusers gets unreported but lives are saved before it gets into the cesspool.
As you see in the picture, The boy and his mother reuniting outside the Railway Police station.

Free Health check up Camp

Free Health check up provided by ASSI as a program on Sustainable safe childhood at Varanasi.

Sports activity

On account of national sports day we organised a program at Veer Kunvar Singh Park, with Yarpur FC And Chief Mr. Jwala Prasad, Secretary of Patna Football Association ASSI team works with delinquent street children through sports activity. Our primary aim is to engage and develop relationship with such children and use their energy creatively to the good of he society.

Inaugurated new three literacy centres in mayapuri

ASSI Delhi Team started new three Literacy centers at Mayapuri on september 2017-15th,16th and 18th . These centres only for children, the centers are: Kanchan Basti, B-628 mayapuri and C-187 mata mandir.

Cerificate Distribution at Mayapuri

Sewing training helps the women at Mayapuri, Delhi to earn for their livelihood and contribute for their family. This is the 2nd patch of sewing students who have received training from ASSI centre and this certificate will help them get jobs.

New Sewing center at Malah Pakri, Patna

New Sewing center at Malah Pakri, Patna The 1st batch of students with a very good respond of 22 to start with.